What Is A Mail Order Bride: Key Features And History

It’s an undeniable fact that mail order brides get only more popularity among Western males within years. The Internet has made mail order brides search even simpler and now it truly can be easier to find a wife online than in your neighborhood. But what does being a mail order bride mean and how does the mail order brides industry work? Let’s figure this out.

What is a mail order bride?

Mail order bride is a single lady who places her account on a specialized mail order brides dating site in the hope to find a foreigner to marry. She can be divorced or widowed, with children or without, in any case, for the present moment, she has no relationship and desires to change that. Usually, mail order brides are from different parts of the world, but they all look for a Western husband.

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The history of mail order brides

First mail order brides have appeared in the 1600s in the Jamestown Colony of Virginia. The reason for that is mainly male immigrants who came to conquer a new land but soon realized they need women to settle down and put down roots. As this was impossible to do because of no females in the surroundings, colony leaders decided to make an advertisement in Britain stating that “young and beautiful Christians are needed to join them in a New World.” This worked, and during 2 years nearly 150 ladies came to the colony.

what is mail order bride

The next historical mail orders brides wave took place during the California Gold Rush. Reasons were the same — immigrants who came to America for a gold hunt needed females to settle down there and make their colonies strong and prospering.

Do mail order brides still exist?

There’s no ground to call for women from overseas to build a family, you’ll say, as all countries have a good male/female ratio now. But modern mail order brides are even in bigger demand and much easier to get. Men are interested in finding the best lady for marriage and for this, they’re ready to search even on another edge of the world. On the other hand, often women don’t want to settle with locals due to the bad attitude or just low quality of life in their home country. Mail order bride services is a great opportunity for both parties to arrange a life they dream about.

How does the mail order bride industry work?

Western men are to register on specialized mail order brides sites to find women from overseas. Usually, sites are devoted to a particular ethnicity like Latin, Slavic, or Asian brides. This narrows down the search and makes it effective. On those platforms, grooms and brides create accounts where they describe themselves, their expectations from a future relationship, and state their intentions clearly. With the help of the site’s tools they get to know each other, chat, flirt, see each other on cam, and so on (it always depends on services a platform provides.) Men can send women flowers and small gifts. When both parties are ready, they agree on a face-to-face meeting where they decide what step in their relationship they want to take next.