Why Do Men Seek Mail Order Brides? Top Motives And Reasons

What’s a mail order bride? These are women from different countries who use online dating or mail order bride websites to find a foreign husband. They usually get in touch with men online since they’re both located in different parts of the earth.

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Are mail order brides legal? Sure! There won’t be any problem marrying a mail order bride from Asia if you’re an American guy. The same goes for marrying Latina, Slavic, and European girls. Interracial tolerance lets men get mail order brides from abroad and live with no fear of any accusations.

But why do people get mail order brides in the first place? Seeking a wife online has become an increasingly popular activity, especially among American men. Some simply prefer Asian or Slavic appearances, some can’t resist the submissive yet passionate Asian attitude, and others just don’t feel it with local ladies and want to try their luck somewhere abroad. All they believe destiny will lead them to the woman of their dreams.

Why do men get mail order brides

These are just some of the reasons men get foreign wives. Sure, a motivation to seek foreign mail order brides is also a matter of values. It’s true, men and women of the same nationality might have different points of view on most things, they even don’t necessarily like each other’s appearance sometimes. Hence, lots of guys seek love abroad, and yes, they usually get lucky.

Plus, the mail order bride success rate is even higher than if an American guy was married to a local woman, so this is definitely a winning option for most guys who have seemingly given up on finding love in America.

Why American men are going to other countries to find wives?

So, why do men want mail order brides of different ethnicity and even religion? There are quite a lot of reasons for that, like:

  • Physical preferences and attraction to a particular nationality
  • Compatibility of life goals, values, and future plans
  • Willingness to explore a new culture

Let’s dig deeper into all of these reasons!

men get mail order brides

Physical preferences

One of the main reasons why some men prefer mail order brides from other countries is preferences about appearance. It’s true, American guys get fiercely attracted by Slavic or Asian girls as they find them really charming and more beautiful than their local ladies. American men also like petite but fit body types, while lots of American girls are quite tall and don’t have the thinnest bodies on earth.

Compatibility of life goals

American men get mail order brides from abroad because their life goals and plans fully coincide. Some American girls still want to party in their thirties, while a 35-year-old big city man from New York wants to settle down and have a child, and that’s what any Asian girl would want too.

While American women focus on their careers and don’t worry about settling down, local men would rather put a family first and then keep going with their business matters. European women would also focus on marriage and put off careers for some time. That’s what men love foreign brides for.

why do people get mail order brides

Exploring a new culture

Men want foreign brides too. Men from the US usually travel a lot and can’t help but fall in love with some foreign cultures and customs. And then, when a guy explores enough of the local traditions, he pays attention to women and falls in love with some of them!

Men are always curious about something undisclosed and exotic, and once they’ve started their research, they can’t get enough, and eventually, they just fall for the girl they met a couple of days or weeks ago. Chemistry!

So why do guys like foreign girls? It’s the perfect combination of their beauty, unexplored inner world, and the compatibility of values. These are the main reasons why men get mail order brides from other countries.

The success rate of mail order marriages has reached around 80% during the past years, so there’s no reason not to try dating a girl from another region or country. Good luck and enjoy the ride!