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Main Mail Order Brides Stereotypes Dispelled And All Truth About Girls Revealed

As the mail order bride industry is constantly developing, many myths and stereotypes have come to life too. Most are somewhat funny (e.g., most mail order brides look charming yet pretty much alike), and some are quite mean and unreasonable (e.g., most mail order wives only marry foreigners for their money).

And sure, there are always different stereotypes depending on the region or country the mail order bride comes from. Don’t even count them, you’ll get lost.

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But still, what are the most common mail order brides myths, and are they real? Let’s find out.

The top-list of mail order brides stereotypes

Time to bust some fake facts! If you’re ever stumbled upon one of those listed below, be sure they’re not real.

You literally buy a woman on mail order bride websites

That’s one of the biggest misperceptions that blows the reputation of many mail order bride sites around the world. But think about it, really, can you buy a wife online? Of course, not! Human trade has been banned for centuries, so people misread the main message of online dating sites.

Mail Order Brides Stereotypes

You can’t buy a woman, but you can buy her attention. By paying for the means of communication, gifts, sending photos or videos, you awaken a lady’s interest in you. Later, you can purchase the opportunity to chat and, eventually, a date with her. It doesn’t mean mail order brides are easily sold for money—it’s just the only way for guys to reach out to them.

Most services on such platforms are paid, so you just pay to talk to those you like. The average cost of mail order bride platform services varies from site to site, but get ready to spend approximately $500 per month for having a fruitful, high-quality, and frequent communication with the ones you like.

So again, can you buy a woman? No. But can you really order a bride? Yes, but only if it means ordering a membership package that would allow you to contact her!

Mail order girls for marriage are lazy and not willing to work

Not true! According to statistics, rich country citizens work fewer hours than those from poor countries.

Most mail order brides from Latino or poorer Asian countries tend to work extra hours to be able to provide for themselves and, in most cases, even for their families. Women often work way more than men, hence they know what being under pressure actually means.

mail order brides myths

If you marry a mail order wife from a developing country, you’ll see how hard-working and determined she’s. Work is the only way to prove ladies are of good worth in their home country, so they do know what the real value for money is.

Most mail order brides only want to marry rich foreigners to get their money

Many girls from mail order bride platforms come from developing or poorer countries, hence most people think they only want to get a wealthy man and dupe him out of all his money or get his legacy after some time.

This is quite an offensive stereotype as almost every girl on such platforms is a legitimate mail order bride who’s indeed looking for true love abroad. Plus, as you talk to the girls, you can really tell if a lady is for real or just looking for someone like a sugar daddy who’d pay for all her meals, clothes, and accessories.

can you buy a wife online

Mail order brides are helpless and defenseless

Another demoralizing myth about girls seeking love abroad. In fact, one of the main benefits of mail order brides is that they’ve learned a lot during their tough times living in their home countries.

Poverty, underemployment, domestic violence, and mistreating ladies in their local societies have helped them develop endurance, inner strength, and the willingness to defend themselves. Many girls from developing or third-world countries can easily stop an abuser, report on a boyfriend who used to beat them up, and stand for their rights and privileges in public.

Mail order brides aren’t that easy, and their inner power makes them great role models for many women, even those who haven’t suffered from any misfortunes. So, all these stereotypes are nothing else than just nonsense. If you meet the right mail order wife, you’ll realize that yourself!